RE: Introducing Organic Aqua’s green innovative technology to the benefit of aquaculture and the ECONOMIC FOOD AND NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM.


Over the past 10 years we have developed a patent registered innovative green technology that highly benefits water quality management and yield capacity in aquaculture. In Pakistan we are currently running different farming projects for the past 1 year, with fantastic results under the severe warm temperatures.


We are seeing increased dissolved oxygen levels in the under layer and the water simultaneously, resulting in  good water quality maintained (also controlled ammonia and nitrite spikes). This results, in reduced stress on the fish and in return a healthier immune system that is more resistant to disease contamination. The biological sludge reduction through the beneficial Photosynthetic bacteria cultivated in the water and in the the under layer allows for increased stocking densities by 100 - 300%. Our studies and Laboratory reports also show the results of the increase dissolved oxygen levels leading to a radical decline of the E-coli bacteria often present in cow or chicken manure, used in the “fertilization” process of the aquaculture dams.  The overall result offer a balanced aquatic ecosystem with a healthier yield, that is not chemically contaminated and therefore a better nutrition and food source for people.


Our practises are more economical and sustainable than the conventional methods and allow the farmer to utilize his land to offer a profitable aquaculture practise through:

  • Safe E-coli free fertility process

  • Increasing the stocking densities (maximising the land and water availability, without causing harm to the environment or ecosystem)

  • Reducing the need for continuous water changes (saving on water usage)

  • Removing the need of aerators

  • Increasing the growth ratio versus farming period  

  • Removing the need for chemical products and antibiotics

  • Reusing the Organic Aqua treated water for agriculture farming purposes (it is highly beneficial to the crops)


We are passionate about offering sustainable aquaculture solutions that will increase the production of healthy food resources and at the same time:

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint

  2. Preserve our precious ecosystems and the environment


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