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Organic Aqua assists with creating a more effective hobby especially for first timers.

Easy application                               for effective cycling. Reduced
water changes & high maintenance. Healthy balanced microbes which are
cultivated in a natural environment will stimulate more effective filtration.
Effective algae control. Vibrant aquatic life with reduced mortalities. Plant
care solutions that won’t spike the nitrogen cycle. Increased dissolved
oxygen that boosts the vitality of your fish (especially new shipments). Clean
water. Protection against ammonia (even when reading positive). Healthier
fish. The option to stock a brand new aquarium the same day. Easy effective
application. Environmentally friendly products that will also help save water.
Immediate visible results.


Plant extracts that instantly make tap

water safe for your fish & all aquatic life. Removes chlorine. Ensures a safe, natural home for your pet fish. Reduces stress & protects the fish against the dangerous effect of ammonia and the nitrogen cycle, especially in a new system. Stock a new system immediately when combined with Organic Aqua Filter Activator. Reduces high maintenance and water changes. (once a month 25% water change only) Increases water clarity and keeps the water cleaner for much longer. Prevents but does not treat algae. Purchase this product to ensure safe water for fish keeping. It will also reduce stress, protect your fish against harmful ammonia & reduce the high maintenance while preventing algae

Contain plant materials that activate

a healthy balance of microbes in the

filter & water for more effective filtration and biological waste reduction. It instantly “kick-starts” a new filter & allows for immediate stocking of a new system when combined with Organic Aqua Water Care. Filter Activator flocculates waste particles & biologically reduces waste and sludge. Purchase this product to immediately activate effective filtration or to reduce the “running in period of a new filter”

A mixture of essential minerals, plant particles and water soluble plant oils that will ensure a healthy fish immune system.  It will protect your fish against the outbreak and spreading of parasitic diseases such as Ich (white spot), flukes or parasitic worms. Excellent remedy for open wounds and cysts. Contains no copper sulfate and is safe to use in your exotic marine system. Purchase this product for healthier fish & aquatic life

Is an all in one solution for clean, clear water.  It contains plant extracts that instantly activates the increase of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels in the water. DO is a vital substance for animals & plants and ensures a healthy balanced aquatic system. Low levels can be fatal for your fish, aquatic life & plants. Adequate levels are excellent for increasing the overall water clarity, quality, water life, plants & fish in your system. Oxy aqua effectively  increases the levels of Dissolved Oxygen especially during the hot summer temperatures.  Purchase this product for a natural DO boost to increase the vibrancy of your system or for when green water or algae control is needed, combine with Filter Activator to stock a brand new system effectively. *Dissolved oxygen is not measured by the oxygen bubbles released by your air pump but is tested in labs or can be identified by fish dying continuously or appearing lifeless, dying plants or algae & green water. Dissolved oxygen levels decrease as temperature increase & can be affected by rain water or altitude and various other factors.         

Is made from water soluble plant oils, extracts & minerals that activate the absorption of micro nutrients through the stems and leaves of your water plants. This will ensure healthier, greener plants with beautiful leaves and water flowers. You don’t need a CO² system when using Organic Aqua Plant Care. Purchase this product to increase the quality of the stems, leaves and overall vibrancy of  your water plants and flowers. Especially beneficial for aquascaping aquariums!           


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