Marine Water Care: a combination of various plant extracts and minerals. It instantaneously removeschlorine, heavy metals and chemicals from tap water to make it safe for aquatic life.


Marine Water Care increases nitrification and protects the fish against harmful toxins such as ammonia nitrite and nitrate (nitrogen cycle).


Combine Marine Water Care with Marine Fliter Activator to reduce the running in period and to safely stock your marine aquarium within 1 week after set up. Apply both products with the initial set up of your new aquarium and reapply directly before stocking. This combination also saves water as the need for regular water changes are radically reduced to once a month only (10-25% water to be changed).

Marine Filter Activator is beneficial for biological waste reduction in all marine aquariums. It is designed with an innovative green technology that uses only 100% non-toxic ingredients from plant materials & water soluble oils. 


Marine Filter Activator will increase waste flocculation, effective filtration and improve nitrification.


Combine it with Marine Water Care for optimum water quality control; to create an aquatic balance and reduce the need for regular water changes. Reduced water changes are important to maintain the aquatic balance in your aquarium and to

prevent stress and the risk of diseases.


Made from organic materials that can reduce in volume and weight over time.

Marine Fish & Coral Care is a mixture of essential macro minerals, water soluble plant oils & plant materials that increases vitality and strength.



*Stimulates coral vitality Boosts fish immune system

*Protects the slime coat of the fish  

*Enhances natural colour in your aquarium due to good health.

*Effective stress reliever

*Protects aquarium against Ich (white spot), flukes or parasitic worms. *Excellent treatment for Ich flukes, parasites, open wounds and cysts (follow   recommened treatment plan on contains no   copper sulphate, sugar, yeast or molasses​ ​​contains no preservatives

Our combination of water soluble plant oils, plant extracts and minerals in CORAL BOOST stimulate the absorption of micro nutrients to create the perfect environment for corals to thrive in.  It also contains natural beneficial trace elements of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium & manganese.


*Purchase this product to boost the quality and health of corals.

SLUDGEBUSTER is made form plant fibres and essential plant extract. It contains no harmful ingredients also no sugar, molasses, yeast or coper sulphate SLUDGEBUSTER stimulates aerobic sludge and waste decomposition and increases nitrification and dissolved oxygen levels in the filter and substrate of your marine aquarium. Use it to neutralise harmful toxins & pathogens.


* Effective for the control of all strains of algae when combined with the Organic Aqua MARINE OXY AQUATIC 

*Made from organic materials that can reduce in volume & weight over time

*Contains no preservatives if a white layer appear on the plant fibres, it is healthy for the fish

*Do not change water only top up the evaporated water.

MARINE OXY AQUATIC is a blend of essential plant extracts, water soluble oils & chloroplasts beneficial to marine aquatic life. It stimulates nitrification, increases dissolved oxygen levels and reduces harmful pathogens and dangerous toxins such as ammonia. An effective treatment for algae when combined with the Organic Aqua MARINE SLUDGEBUSTER. MARINE OXY AQUATIC will increase the water quality of your aquarium.


* contains no copper sulphate, sugar or yeast 

* contains no preservatives

* may contain plant particles & vary in colour *reduces the need for    regular maintenance & water changes


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