Pond Range

Pond Oxy Aqua

Adequate levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is vital for healthy aquatic
life, external factors such as a radical change in temperatures,
thunder storms or increase temperatures during the summer season
can radically effect the levels of Dissolved Oxygen. Oxy Aqua is
made from carefully selected non toxic plant extracts to activate
an increase of the DO levels. Apply especially during the warm
Temperatures in summer. (1L treats 160 000L of water, bi-weekly

Filter Activator

Contains plant materials that activate a healthy
balance of microbes in the filter & water for
more effective filtration and biological waste
reduction. It instantly “kick-starts” a new filter &
allows for immediate stocking of a new system
when combined with the Organic Aqua Oxy range
or Water Care. Filter Activator flocculates waste
particles. This is a natural cultivated bacteria over
a period of 6 to 8 weeks and contains no artificial
ingredients or preservatives. Purchase this

product to immediately activate effective filtration or to reduce the “running in period of a new filter”
(available in 100g makes 500ml treats 5000L &
250g makes 1L and treats 12500L - apply to give the filter a kick start)

Plant Care

Is made from water soluble plant oils, extracts & minerals that activate the absorption of micro nutrients through the stems and leaves of your water plants.
This will ensure healthier, greener plants with beautiful leaves and water flowers. You don’t need a CO² system when using Organic Aqua Plant Care. Purchase this
product to increase the quality of the stems, leaves and overall vibrancy of your water plants and flowers. (1L treats 25 000L of water once a week application)

Water Care

Plant extracts that instantly make tap water
safe for your fish & all aquatic life. Removes
chlorine. Ensures a safe, natural home for
your pet fish. Reduces stress & protects the
fish against the dangerous effect of ammonia
and the nitrogen cycle, especially in a new
system. Stock a new system immediately
when combined with Organic Aqua Filter
Activator. Reduces high maintenance and
water changes. (once a month 25% water
change only) Increases water clarity and
keeps the water cleaner for much longer.
Prevents but does not treat algae. Purchase
this product for safe water, reduced stress, to
protect your fish against harmful ammonia,
to reduce the high maintenance & prevent
algae (500ml treats 25 000L of water & 1L
treats 50 000L - once a week application)

Fish Care

A mixture of essential minerals, plant
particles and water soluble plant oils that
ensure a healthy fish immune system. It
protects your fish against the outbreak
and spreading of parasitic diseases such
as Ich (white spot), flukes or parasitic
worms. Excellent remedy for open wounds
and cysts. Contains no copper sulphate.
Purchase this product for healthier fish &
aquatic life. (1kg treats 5000L & 5kg treats
25 000L - one seasonal application)


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