Fantasea Aquariums South Africa – Mohammad & Fazeela Gattoo

“Been stocking the Organic Aqua range for about a year now. The product is Fabulous. Been using it in our own tanks at home and at store. Again, this is a product recommended for all fish keepers and enthusiasts alike. Big Thanx to Damian for introducing this wonderful product to us.” 1 July 2017


Fishy Aquariums South Africa – Gary Schaub

“I find it very rare that the promises made by a sales rep actually come true, and this is the case with Organic Aqua. All my customers that I have recommended the product to have given me fantastic feedback, even after trying other products on the market. Organic Aqua definitely delivers on its promises.” 8 June 2017


Ivan Boshoff hobbyist in South Africa

“I have been using Organic Aqua products for almost 10 year. I mainly / ongoing use the Water Care and can honestly say that Organic Aqua have excellent products, noticeably assisting with healthy water & fish in my large Koi pond. I can therefore highly recommend their top class quality products.” 5 April 2017

Maureen Pieterse hobbyist in South Africa

“Since I started with my aquariums two years ago I've been using Organic Aqua. I simply can't and won't do without it!” 20 March 2017


Rudi Kober hobbyist in South Africa

“The best product and the best service from the distributors I ever had. Try this product. You will not regret it.” 17 March 2017

Damian Venter, hobbyist in South Africa

“It is now obvious for me to say that the best way to keep fish healthy and cure many different ailments is to do it the most natural way as possible. The only way, after many years experience, to keep my fish and water conditions as natural as possible was by the help of Organic Aqua’s amazing products. I have been using Organic Aqua products in my 250L tropical tank and my 120L cold water tank for almost 6 months now, and I must say I have never been so happy when it comes to maintenance, treating diseases, keeping water crystal clear and having healthy fish.

Unfortunately I introduced a new fish to my tank which ended up getting white spot disease or also known as “Ich”. Luckily my older fish did not pick up the “Ich” parasite as they already thrived on Organic Aqua products. I then treated the new fish with Fish Care and Oxy Aquatic from Organic Aqua, while I also raised the temperatures and added aquarium salt. On the 2nd day I could already see a big difference in the new fish’s behaviour, it seemed more alive, energetic and also started eating. On the 3rd day some of the white spots already started to disappear. On the 5th day the white spot was almost completely gone and on the 6th day I saw no traces of the white spots anymore.

I have treated “Ich” before with chemical products, not only did it turn my water into a bad blue/green colour, it placed a lot of stress on all of my fish, it also took almost 3 weeks for the white spots to disappear and I would end up losing fish as well. I will recommend Organic Aqua to anyone, even if they do not have a fish tank J” 10 March 2017

Marilyn Dullmaier, hobbyist in South Africa

“I have just started using this product as I am only a beginner starting a new tank...the product is easy to use and I love only having to clean once a month...I think this would place less stress on the fish...so thumbs up Organic Aqua...I will definitely be using your product...” 21 February 2017


Jacques Van Wyk, hobbyist in South Africa

“Used the First Time Application kit when I got my tank and fish in December and it worked brilliantly. Had my fish in the tank within 3 hours of purchasing and the tank has looked awesome since and the fish are very happy.” 2 February 2017


John Benadie hobbyist in South Africa

“Having just recently started an aquarium we opted to to go for the Organic Aqua starter kit. As we are looking to add dwarf shrimp to our tank I Googled the website and sent Organic Aqua an email requesting the composition of the product as copper is highly toxic to dwarf shrimp and majority of the water additives on the market contain copper. To my absolute amazement I received a reply from Lemanja within 10 minutes of me mailing them (bearing in mind this mail was sent around 4pm and I was not expecting a reply till the following day at the earliest.). I was informed that there are no copper sulphates whatsoever in the product and was even given the name of an institute that uses the product in a professional capacity.

It is after sales service of this magnitude that ensures that not only will I as an individual use this product for years to come but will recommend this product to anyone and everyone that has an aquarium regardless of size.Thumbs up to Organic Aqua and their staff and a special thanks to Lemanja Mears for the exceptional service.” 20 February 2017


Panorama Pet Shop South Africa – Justine Stuart

“Here at Panorama Pet Shop, we have been proud users of organic aqua for more years than I can count. As they say the proof is in the pudding! Over the years I have gotten nothing but good feed back from our clients. I myself have seen with my own two eyes the results in our own tanks,
So I say thanks! Thank you to the great team for your wonderful products and good service over the years! It warms my heart to say that I am a proud user and believer in Organic Aqua!” 17 October 2017

Another World Of Pets Bloemfontein S.A – Lorna Davis

“I have been using and selling the Organic Aqua  full range since 2006 and have personally seen the tremendous difference between using the normal anti-chlorine and the Water Care.  The combination of the Filter Activator & Water Care helped me tremendously when I received a new shipment of 100 goldfish which urgently had to go into a tank that I have just drained and filled with new water. Normally the mortality rate in a new tank with fresh water would be very high but with using the Organic Aqua products I did not lose one fish. We also set up new ponds and use the products in the same way with immediate set-up and it is very successful. Cold water fish are not as hardy as people might think and yet they respond very well being in the water treated with Organic Aqua. I can thankfully say that the difference between the standard products and the Organic Aqua products is quite remarkable and well worth changing to.”  December 2016

Hartland Aquatics, Riebeek Kastel South Africa – Nick Hart

“I can highly recommend the Organic Aqua Plant Care, I have been using it in my planted aquarium. The plant growth have been excellent without the use of carbon dioxide. A very good all round fertilizer. I also use the Water Care and had great results. I can highly recommend the use of Organic Aqua products.” October 2016

Snicker Doodle Petshop Brits South Africa – Suzette                                                                                                         “We've recently started selling organic aqua products. So we've decided to use it in our own tanks and it was not even a week when we started to see results.  Due to this reason it makes it easier for us to sell a product that we believe in” 12 October 2016

Marthina Coetzer hobbyist in South Africa                                                                                              “Rating of 10 out of 5 would be more appropriate. Excellent products! 
I was having big problems with my water quality, to the extent that I almost gave up on aquarium keeping! 
Had so many fish deaths! I was introduced to this product before I went on leave. For 5 weeks we dis not do any water changes - and NO deaths! 
Ever since, I invest in Organic Aqua and enjoy hassle free fish keeping and happy fish!” 2 October 2016


Fish ‘n Things, Bothasig South Africa – Julie                                                                                                         “I absolutely love the Organic Aqua bacteria (Filter Activator) and I add it every week to my shop’s aquariums because it soothes the filter and keeps the water crystal clear. Brilliant products!” – July 2016


Scotty from Nottingham UK

“I started a 120L tank, put in the Organic Aqua First Time Application Kit and dumped in 34 x 8-12cm Malawi's. A week later hardly any Ammonia and a further 10-12 days on hardly any Nitrites. I recommend the First Time Application kits to any person starting up a new aquarium.” 2016


Veegal from Liverpool

Organic Aqua First Time Application kit is BRILLIANT! I had to use it for our tank at work as fish were added the same day - not 1 loss! Amazing stuff!​ 2016

Chris fom Edinburgh

“I have terrible light in my tank (250Ltr with only I think 2 x 25W T5s) and previously most of my plants seemed to have slowly started to rot away. This was the main reason why I was looking at buying a good fertiliser. I've been using the Organic Aqua Plant Care for a week now and I am glad to report that my Java fern has actually pushed two entirely new leaves, allot of my ground plants are really coming along very nicely and I have two floaters as well which have grown in excess of 2cm. It seems that this stuff does actually work rather well!”


Henk Hugo, Microbe-Lift products  South Africa

“I’ve used it on freshwater tanks... it really works.” 2010 on the S.A Fish Forum


John Murray from Dublin

“I have been using Organic Aqua Convenience kits in my 500 litre freshwater aquarium since 2008 and I couldn’t be happier.  My African Cichlids are healthy and active and maintenance is as simple as a quarter tank water change every 4 weeks.  I haven’t done a water test since 2008 and weekly water changes are a thing of the past.  Switching to Organic Aqua was the best fish keeping decision I ever made.”


Paul, Ireland

“I’m running a 1300L tank on it for over 4 years now without any issues. One of the reasons I opted to start having to do monthly not weekly water changes.” March 2009


Dave, Cambridge

“I have used Organic Aqua for 5 years plus on my tropical tanks and found it great for the simple reason of doing monthly 25% water changes in my 180 litre tank was a lot simpler. I do get evaporation where my tank is and whit the air stone running all the time I still have to top up water by maybe 6 litres a week.”


Craig, Dublin

“I have used it twice with no losses. Used it to start off a tank then just stopped when the tank is up to temp, I never use an air stone but all was ok.” January 2009


Kevin, Windhoek Namibia

“It is wonderful stuff, I have nothing more to say!”

Derek, Ireland

“Basically due to getting a bit bored with the humdrum of breeding a pile of mouth brooders etc. I decided to have a real go at breeding a few of the more difficult or rarer species. So I set up a few tanks and did all the usual specific feeding, water parameters, triggers etc. But nothing much was happening till I began adding experimental small doses of OA and keeping accurate record of dosage, regularity, etc... and am starting to get regular spawns from L66, C112 and syno petricola and leucostictus. As well as the very rare and endangered Victorian “red tailed sheller”. I firmly believe that it is the best additive for anyone setting up a new aquarium as it eliminates the hit and miss aspect of traditional cycling and reduces the deaths and illness caused by over feeding.” November 2008

Fintastic Aquatics, UK

“A lot of our customers use it and we’ve rarely if ever had a complaint regarding the products, it does exactly what it says on the box” February 2008


Louis Winchester

“I’m using Organic Aqua for over 3 years and delighted with it. I’ve been buying 2 packs a month. Cheers”

Nonnie Windhoek Namibia

“The Fish Care health stuff that comes in the Organic Aqua convenience kit is fantastic for the fish. Not sure what it is or the ingredients of it but it works a treat!” January 2008

Darren, Johannesburg

“All I can say is that it works for me. The proof is in my exotic marine tank”

Rory, Johannesburg

“I used it on my marine tank because I urgently had to get a certain fish out of my nano… Parameters wise it certainly seemed to do the job as it was meant to.”


Tim, Leeds

“My life is rather busy and time is a factor but I love fish and thanks to Organic Aqua I can now have a beautiful aquarium in my lounge without the hassles that come with having an aquarium.


Ronan Ireland

“Living here in Ireland and just wanted to let you know how brilliant your product is. My girlfriend had major leaking problems with her tank and we had to get a new tank urgently and perform an immediate transfer, we were expecting fish losses. We used Organic Aqua and in total we only lost 1 fish! A few weeks later we had a power cut and my 400L fish tank was off for 36hours while I was away, I ended up losing almost all of my fish and spend weeks trying to get my water sorted out but it still went cloudy after a day or two after using various tonics, salts, Cycle etc. Then I decided to really test your product and after application I was astounded with the results the water was crystal clear and the chems were perfect. I have since been using the Water Care as per instruction and am regularly applying my Maintenance kit (250-500L). We could not believe two things 1) The reduced amount of debris that comes out of the gravel after a month of no water changes or siphoning 2) The fact that the water remained clear. I just have to say that this product is fabulous!”


Ben Mauritius

“I have a 450L African Cichlid tank and have been using Organic Aqua for over 2 years now with excellent results!”


Andrew, Seahorse Aquariums, Dublin Irish Fish Forum

“What makes Organic Aqua different is the fact that no chemicals are added to the raw ingredients of the product as with many other popular aquarium products. In the years that we have been using and selling these products we have seen very impressive results and don’t hesitate in recommending the it to any of our clients.” December 2007

N. Bruwer, Panorama Petshop, Cape Town

“We as staff of the aquatic department at Panorama Petshop, have tried and tested the products of Organic Aqua and found it to be all it claims and even more!  We definitely encourage anybody to try it and hobbyists to use it in their tanks.  It has proven to reduce the effort and problems of a tropical aquarium to make it easier for anybody to own an aquarium. Selling Organic Aqua for 4 years to our clients.” May 2007


Wessel, Pet Warehouse, Cape Town

“Due to an unfortunate fire, my entire fish stock was wiped out. This was a great financial loss of course but a rather greater concern was the fact that I had to re-stock 48 tanks in total in order to get my business recovering as soon as possible. A new closed aquatic system will pass through a period of high levels of ammonia & nitrate. And this run in period ends when the nitrate’s disappear from the aquarium, which might last anything from 4 to 12 weeks. I did not have this time on my hands, as my fish sales had to continue immediately in order to generate an income and ensure financial survival.  It is then that I decided to test the Organic Aqua Filter Activator & Water Care.  I added the products at night and the following morning all 46 tanks were fully stock with fish and to my amazement I encountered no deaths and in testing no ammonia and nitrates were detected, which proves to me that conditioning was immediate. I am since using the Fish Care with the above on a continuously basis and also recommend it to my clients for effective fish keeping. Thank you Organic Aqua!” July 2005


Jasper, Paarl Pets, Cape Town

“We have tested the Convenience kits to the extreme by setting up of a 20L aquarium with a poor functioning corner filter and a small air stone. We then added 15 Oranda goldfish 4-6cm into the tank immediately afterwards. We fed the fish 3 x day with fish flakes and performed a once a month 20% water change. Our testing period ran for 3 months and we only lost 1 fish. We are satisfied with the products and recommend it to all of our customers, especially when setting up a new aquarium. This also created the opportunity for us to sell a new tank with fish together (customer goes home, sets-up tank & come and fetch the fish to add into the tank the same day) instead of waiting for the conventional running in time. Fish and new aquarium sales have now increased with a radical reduced death rate of the fish.  The fact that it is natural also appeals to more customers.” October 2004


Micki, Diere Plesier, Ceres

“After having a lot of problems with the water quality in Ceres, I was relieved to have better quality fish and clean healthy water with the least fuss after discovering Organic Aqua. My fish mortalities have decreased considerably, our filters stay cleaner for much longer & our water is now clear and odourless.  After seeing this huge difference in our own tanks, many of our clients switched over to Organic Aqua as well and the feedback is 100% positive. Sales are boosted due to the fact that fish are sold the same day as tank set-up and the Organic Aqua products with it. Going the organic route was a great move for my business and I would highly recommend it to anyone!” July 2004


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